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"Self-Care Is Not Selfish."
Let's take a minute to read that again...

Did it sink in a little bit?
My Name is Natalie Hodson
I am a single mother of two amazing babies, and I would like to share some of the life hacks I’ve developed over the years with you.

I have spent years talking to other moms just like you about owning who you are.

I was so surprised when I shared my first video that showed my stretch marks ("Perfectly Imperfect") and it went viral.

I knew that I wasn’t the only mom out there that had them (obviously), but I was amazed at just how many women were ashamed of them.

I began some support groups for mothers that didn’t have that support system to help develop the self esteem that was lost due to whatever society said about the negative appearance of stretch marks.
Soon, I was receiving so many membership requests that I decided there were other things that I needed to share...
As a group, we started discussing things like pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis recti.

When I shared a fitness video when I lost control of my bladder, I was blown away at the amount of LOVE and SUPPORT I got from the group I had started. 
That was when I realized just how much we needed one another.
Mothers wear so many hats throughout the day that for the most part, only other mothers can fully understand.

We all know the day can be a struggle.

Sleepless nights turn into making breakfast and preparing lunch.

You become a professional diaper changer- and that seems to happen every time you sit down.

Then you become the family accountant...the housekeeper...the HR manager...

In fact, you are usually so busy changing hats, that you forget to put on the one that says...
"It's time to take care of yourself"
You Know This Too...
But you do it because you love your family, and you will give them your best.

The thing is, once you give everyone your best, you only get what’s left.

Remember, “Self-care is not Selfish.”

In fact, self-care will lead you to SELF-AWARE.

You can let go of guilt, and you and your family will live a happier lifestyle.

Now I know it isn’t easy to accept who we are alone.

I also know that it is nearly impossible for anyone not going through the same issues as you to understand, even when you know they sincerely try.
That's Why I Started The "Fit Mom Movement"
That’s three small words that have such a huge meaning to me.
To me, being fit is more than just diet and exercise. 

When someone is “fit,” it means they love themselves, and are able to balance self love with the love they give their family and friends.
To me, this means wearing many hats, and taking on many duties. 

It means sometimes being a superhero for your family with little to no praise from them.
To me this means more than just a quick walk, or living room yoga.

A movement is a group of people getting together to make positive change in their lives, and the lives of others.
The Fit Mom Movement is so special to me!
I want to include YOU.
Mothers understand mothers, and we need to stick together.

There is nothing I like to see more than how women in my group support each other.

They ask questions about embarrassing topics, and get answered without judgement.

The encouragement, feedback, and love sometimes brings a tear to my eye.
What does it mean to become a part of the Fit Mom Movement?
It Means You Will Have INSTANT ACCESS to:
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  •  A Members' Only Facebook Group: Encouragement, accountability, and support in a judgement-free community where you'll have direct access to me!
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I told you...

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Your friend,

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